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Babies in Common

Jeanette Mesite Frem, Owner

Babies in Common is a beautiful place in Grafton, MA (in the center of town, on Grafton Common) for parents and parents-to-be (and grandparents) to come for childbirth education, prenatal education and support, breastfeeding support and new parent support and education. 


Breastfeeding Information provides evidence-based breastfeeding and parenting information to both professionals and parents.

MMA Midwives

Homebirth Midwifery in MA

We, the MMA midwives, understand that your pregnancy, birth and postpartum are among the most powerful and profound times in your life.  We have made it our life's work to support women and families in making this transition with joy and confidence.  Here you will find your local midwives, information about midwifery, and resources for further exploration

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Amanda Forgit

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